About Us

Welcome to Cruzs Designs

where creativity meets inspiration! I’m Debbie Cruz, the proud owner of Cruzs Designs. With a passion for DIY projects and a love for turning old items into functional treasures, I’m here to help you find joy and unleash your creativity through crafting and decorating.

Originally from Georgia, I’ve spent most of my life in this beautiful state. While my husband, affectionately known as ‘honey,’ & me now resides in South Carolina, I have been happily married to him for the past 18 years. My three amazing daughters, Alicia (44), Amy (38), and Andrea (36), bring immeasurable joy to my life. I am also a doting grandmother to seven wonderful grandchildren, some of whom join me for crafting adventures.

One fateful day, I discovered the power of live streaming on Facebook. The excitement was contagious, and with a resounding ‘whoop whoop,’ Cruzs Designs came alive on social media. Now, I’m thrilled to share my expertise and inspire you through the wonders of Cruzs Designs.

Join me on this creative journey as we explore DIY projects, unique decorations, and more. Together, we’ll transform ordinary materials into extraordinary works of art.

Crafting has always been my passion. For years, I sold my handmade crafts at a local market in the area. In 2004, I took the leap and opened an Etsy shop, specializing in handmade children’s clothing under the name Cruzs Designs. Although my journey has led me to new endeavors, sewing remains a beloved skill of mine.
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