Simple Heart Riser

Have you ever wanted to make your own riser? Well her is one I think you will enjoy making.

The following is what you will need to make the riser:
1 2 Hearts wooden from Dollar Tree

2 47 20MM wooden beads

3 Diy wood dice from Dollar Tree

4 One rub on transfer (your choice)

5 Gray acrylic paint

6 Wood glue

Take your hearts and paint all of the sides front and back.

Once you have all the sides painted and dried then you can start placing the beads on the edge of the heart. Make sure you place the wooden
beads close together.

Now that you have all the beads on the heart it should look like the picture.

Next you want to take you wood glue and put on the top of all the beads. You will then place the other wooden heart on top, making sure that you line it up evenly.

Now the hearts are together let them dry and then you can move on to the next step.

You want to take the diy wood dice and place them on the heart using wood glue. Place the wooden dice on the heart as shown in the picture.

When all the glue is dry then place your transfer on top of your heart. This is a rub on transfer. But you can use whatever you like for the top.

Now that the transfer is on this is what your riser will look like. I hope you get creative and try this.

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