Repurposed Candlestick and box

I get excited when I find a candlestick at a thrift store. There is so many things you can do with these. Here is one way to repurpose a

The supplies that you will be using is:
1 Candlestick

2 Box

3 Napkin

4 Paint

5 Mod podge

6 Glue

7 Rub and buff

8 knob

In this project I took the box and lid and painted it white with the Waverly white chalk paint. When you use a napkin you need to make sure the surface is painted white under the napkin to make the colors pop.
On napkins you must take and separate the plys. Some are 2 ply some are 3 ply. So you are left with just the top part of the napkin.

I put the mod podge on the box. This will hold the napkin on the box.


I then used the mod podge to seal the napkin once I had it on the box.


I also applied the napkin to the top of the lid to the box.


The blue paint I took and painted around the edges of the lid.


Now it is time to work on the candlestick. I used blue paint on the candlestick. It took a couple of coats for that. I let it dry.

To give it some demention I took the rub and buff and went around the bottom of the candlestick. That really made the blue pop.


I had a old knob that was gold and used this on top of the lid.


Then this was ready to be assembled. I took and used my Tilebond glue and attached the box to the candlestick.


This is the finished product. This would look really good on a mantel or table. Hope this will get some creative juices flowing and you make something from a candlestick.

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