Primivitve Shelf Sitter

Did you know you can take just a few things from your local Dollar Tree store and make an amazing primitive shelf sitter?


Here are the things you will use to make your shelf sitter.
1. Small wooden crate from Dollar Tree

2. Wooden house from Dollar Tree

3. Wooden cut star from Dollar Tree

4. Scrap fabric

5. Paint

6. Wax

7. Glue

8. Paint brushes


The house that I go at the Dollar Tree had a plaid fabric and a small wood sign on it. So I took all of that off.

Once removed it all it was ready to paint.


I painted all the pieces with white calk paint (Waverly). I painted the star with a burgundy paint


I love to use the Behr wax from Home Depot. This is the wax I used to brush on the crate, house, and star to give it a vintage look.


Now I was ready to put it all together. I took my wood glue and started to glue it all together. First the star and then the crate.

I did make a bow and add it to the crate as well. This gave it a more primitive look. This is what I got when it was all put together. I love
how easy and simple this was to make. Hope you will give this one a whirl.

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