Small Decopuage Tray

I love to take trays from the thrift stores and make them beautiful. Hope you like this one.


Things you will need for this tray is as follows:

1 One tray
2 Decoupage rice paper

3 Paint

4 Paint brush

5 Rub and buff

6 Mod podge

7 White chalk paint

Frist I took my decoupage rice paper and used a water pen to outline the part I wanted to use. On this one I wanted to use just the flowers.

I took my paint and painted the whole tray. I let the paint dry and then painted the part where I was going to put the image. I painted that par white because you need to do this in order for the image to show up on the tray.


Next, I added the Mod Podge to the white area and put the rice paper down. I then gave it a coat of the mod podge to seal the image.

Around the edge of the tray were some pretty designs. So, this is where I used my rub and buff in silver to bring out that design.
What a beautiful tray. This is what I got when it was complete. I hope you get inspiration from this and try to make one too.
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